I’ve got the Power

I am in the same situation that thousands of NHS workers in England face. Choose between having something done to us that we don’t want or possibly loose our job. Personally, feeling forced into something, makes me want it less and I will start to resist. No one likes to feel backed into a corner. [...]

Into the Lime Light

Public speaking is a fear many of us have. Approximately ¾ of the population have this fear. The thought of being centre stage can cause nervousness through to full on panic.  It takes courage to step into the lime light and have all eyes on you. Many people would rather hide in the shadows. For [...]

First World Problems

I used to know someone who would regularly use the phrase, First World Problems. This phrase would often be used for a problem with technology such as no mobile phone signal, Mobile phone battery flat or slow internet access but could be used for other trivial issues. First World Problems are very much minor problems [...]

Let It Flow – Let Yourself Go. Slow And Low

A couple of months back I started going back to the gym. I was surprised at how quickly my fitness improved and my strength increased. Even though my strength had increased and I was having success with what I was doing, I have changed my routine. Now, rather than focusing on how much weight I [...]

Let’s Make the Last 100 Days of 2021 Count

For many of us, 2021 hasn’t been the easiest of years. On the 23rd of September there will be 100 days remaining of 2021. Let’s make the most of the last 100 days. If there is a challenge you wish to overcome, such as a bad habit, addiction or weakness. The next 100 days could [...]

What Does Spirituality Mean for You?

What does spirituality mean for you? This is a question I had asked myself and soon after someone asked me this question too. My answer was another question.  Is spiritually either/or- Improving your connection to God/source energyMastering the human existence Surely spirituality is improving your connection to God or source energy (which ever you prefer). [...]

Choose Your Next Words Wisely

When I was at school I struggled with my English classes. Maths just seemed to make more sense and was far more logical for me. As I have got older, I have grown an appreciation of the English language. One aspect I have found particularly interesting are double entendre but rather than the second meaning [...]

One Good Turn

Recently I have taken up woodturning. I really enjoy all aspects of it. I enjoy- Being in nature and finding logs.Using a chainsaw to cut the logs into suitable sizes. Where I cut the logs there is a robin that flutters about and swoops in to catch insects that I disturb.Preparing the wood further with [...]

Accept- Resistance is Futile

How often do you lose something? No matter how hard you search you can not find it. You can search everywhere but to no avail. Yet when you give up and carry on an hour or two later it miraculously turns up. What about if you have a conversation with someone and you try to [...]

Take a look at yourself and then make a change

In a recent meditation, as I was getting into the zone my attention was brought to my relationship to attachment and thus non attachment. All the areas off attachment within myself became clear. Many years ago, my mother told me about non attachment. It seemed to make sense in regards to possessions but I couldn’t [...]