I’ve got the Power

I am in the same situation that thousands of NHS workers in England face. Choose between having something done to us that we don’t want or possibly loose our job.

Personally, feeling forced into something, makes me want it less and I will start to resist. No one likes to feel backed into a corner.

To have a choice, is to be empowered!

To be able to choose, is to have freewill!

If we lose our ability to choose what is best for us, we are unempowered and our freewill is removed.

Choice and the level of consciousness that effects the decisions we make is very interesting. I first heard about this at a Caroline Myss talk in London. There were three levels of decision making and each level is directly affected by the individual’s conscious awareness.

Level 1

In this level a person’s decisions making is primarily influenced by external social factors. These external social factors include;

  • Friends and family
  • Religion
  • Media
  • Government
  • Any other social group or “tribe”

In this situation tribe is a social group that people actively want to be part of and they feel is part of their identity.

At this level, the desire to fit in to their social groups is strong and this can consciously or unconsciously effect the decision making process. The end decision is often better for the primary social group rather than the person making the choice. An example of this is a child choosing to study for a career that would make their parents happy but not what they want.

This could be very much considered similar to peer pressure.

There is very little freewill as outside influences have too much control.

Level 2

In the second level decisions are made for the individual not for a social group. This could be more of an internal process. When facing a choice, the final decision is made after research, analysing options, weighing up pros/cons and working out what feels the best option.

This is a far more conscious process.

Using the example above, rather than studying what their parents want, the child researches various options and comes to a conclusion that suits them better.

This is where freewill comes into its own.

Level 3

This is where decision making gets interesting. To make a decision you tune into your higher self, spirit or soul (which ever resonates with you). The final choice would be best for you and your spirit. It might not seem like a logical option but aligning with your spirit would be the best in the long run.

This guidance may come in the form of a strong feeling, a knowing or however intuition works for you.

Taking time to sit with the options and allow the answer to arrive. Maybe go for a walk in nature and relax or meditate.

Again, using the example from before, rather than studying for a career they pursue their passion and follow their true calling.

Is it freewill if you are aligned with your spirit? I’ll let you decide that.

Whatever choices you face, own these and take responsibility for the decisions you arrive at.

It’s time to take the power back and be free to choose what you feel is best for you. Detach yourself from anything that tries to control you and what you think.

Allow yourself time, tune in and the correct conclusion will arrive. Remember you’ve got the power. I’ve got the Power

Finally, I will leave you with this quote-

“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

Winston Churchill

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

One thought on “I’ve got the Power

  1. A very good article that clarified a few things for me. By looking at the three levels and the resulting three different outcomes, I am happy that I made the right decision for myself. Nobody likes to be coerced and it is far better to encourage people to think for themselves.

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