Into the Lime Light

Public speaking is a fear many of us have. Approximately ¾ of the population have this fear. The thought of being centre stage can cause nervousness through to full on panic.

 It takes courage to step into the lime light and have all eyes on you. Many people would rather hide in the shadows.

For those who face this this fear, great success can be achieved.

Possibly the pinnacle of this potential success from being centre stage are movie stars. These actors and actresses can be paid massive amounts of money to travel the world, step in front of the camera and portray our heroes on their adventures.

These heroes can face great hardships and challenges on their adventures all why we watch comfortably in the luxury of our living rooms.

While these films and television programs can provide great entertainment and moments of escapism, if we over indulge, could we sacrifice being our own hero?

You are the hero of your own story!

While your story is unique for you, you will never be the hero until you step out of the shadows into the lime light of your life. Face and conquer your own obstacles.

Be courageous and pursue your own greatness. Transform the journey of your life into the ultimate adventure!

But there is far more to this. If we are living our lives hiding in the shadows, how do we ever truly shine?

How do we radiate that beautiful spiritual light that exists within us if we are scared to be seen?

It’s time to step out of the shadows in all aspects of our lives and shine. Unbox ourselves from our previous constraints and be free.

Free to shine. Shine like a star. The Star you truly are!

You are the stars the world needs now.

Mark- The Alchemists Journey

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