“When I Find My Purpose, I Will Be Happy”

A few years ago, I was at a party. During the evening I was part of a conversation that was about exercise routines and goals. One of the other people involved was very large and muscular man.

Even though he was already muscular, he made a comment along the lines of “when my arms are this big, I will be happy”.

Instantly I thought – “No you won’t”. This reaction wasn’t because he wouldn’t have a sense of achievement if he reached his goal but I felt more he was basing his sense of value and worth on being big and muscular.

It can be very easy to make these statements believe that we attain happiness once we achieve a goal. Another example could be once I have certain amount of money, I will be happy.

When a goal is achieved, there maybe a short lived sense of satisfaction but it’s very unlikely to provide long term happiness.

The statement I particularly want to talk about is, “when I find my purpose, I will be happy”. How many of us have thought or said this? I know I have.

In my opinion there are two rather large issues with this statement.

The first issue is with the idea of being happy. In my blog The Limitations of Happiness I explore this in more detail. To summarise briefly, rather than desire happiness we should strive for peace. From my experience being in a state of peace is being free from emotions. Yes, emotions occur but they are brief and pass quickly. These emotions are something that cannot be held on to.

The second issue is with the idea of having a purpose.

For some people, purpose is connected to their vocation. They may get great satisfaction and meaning out of their work. Others may find a sense of purpose in raising a family or having a thriving social life.

If you have ever made the statement “when I find my purpose, I will be happy”, you are possibly searching for a sense of purpose. A special reason why you exist! You are not alone as many people search for a sense of purpose. They desire for a special something to channel their energy into.

What if there is no special something that will completely fulfil us? What if we are searching for something that simply does not exist?

We all have a purpose but it is not always what you may think. What if our purpose is to find peace right now? Not once we have achieved our goals but in the present. To be at peace even if you feel life isn’t necessarily going the way you imagined.

To accept your life as it is now and be in a state of peace would be a huge achievement. Once this is achieved, all resistance would be eliminated and you would truly be in the flow of life.

When being at peace in the present is mastered, the gifts and possibilities of what the future holds maybe beyond your imagination.

Everything is perfect is right now. Accept this, be at peace and see what the universe has to offer.

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

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