What Does Spirituality Mean for You?

What does spirituality mean for you? This is a question I had asked myself and soon after someone asked me this question too.

My answer was another question.  Is spiritually either/or-

  • Improving your connection to God/source energy
  • Mastering the human existence

Surely spirituality is improving your connection to God or source energy (which ever you prefer). This could be through meditation or prayer.  These practises can lead to the most wonderful and profound experiences. These experiences could even be life changing. In many of my most amazing meditations I have experienced a deep connection to the universe surrounding us.

On the other the hand we are here having a human experience. We are here in the physical. Certainly, mastering human existence must be a massive part of spirituality. Our day to day lives provide so many opportunities for growth and development as people and as souls having a human experience. Every day we journey towards living in peace and to embrace love in everything we do.

As I often find the answers come when I least expect them, I heard this quote-

The hard truth is that spiritual realisation is relatively easy compared with the much great difficulty of actualising it, integrating it fully it to the fabric of one’s embodiment and one’s daily life.

John Wellwood

The answer is both. Both mastering the human exitance and improving your connection to God/source energy.

With every step we take on our journey, place your feet firmly on the earth yet connect to the heavens above. Be the bridge that brings these two together in unity.

Become a star walking the earth.  

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

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