Choose Your Next Words Wisely

When I was at school I struggled with my English classes. Maths just seemed to make more sense and was far more logical for me. As I have got older, I have grown an appreciation of the English language.

One aspect I have found particularly interesting are double entendre but rather than the second meaning being crude, it has a spiritual meaning.

The English language has been developing for over a millennium and is influenced by Germanic languages including Old Norse, as well as Latin and French. It has been constantly growing and continues to do so.

Shakespeare alone is accredited by the Oxford English Dictionary for being the originator or the first to put in print over 400 words.

Every year around 1000 new words enter the English language but the number of words regularly used in our vocabulary remains the same. A person’s general vocabulary is estimated 20,000-35,000 words but the number of words regularly used is far less.

English contains more words than any other language and in June 10, 2009 the millionth word was, according to the Global Language, Monitor.

What happens to the words no longer regularly used? Do they just fade into obscurity?

What are we loosing with the adoption of slang and controlling the language we use due to political correctness?

Is our language evolving or regressing?

The English language is always growing but it’s your choice on how you use it. Make the most of our beautiful and powerful words! They may have been used by millions of people over hundreds of years. Every time they are uttered their strength increases. They can evoke emotion and passion. They can rally people for good or bad.

So, choose your next words wisely –

Choose words that are kind

Choose words that are honest and truthful

Choose words that inspire and uplift

Above all choose words that come the heart.

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

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