One Good Turn

Recently I have taken up woodturning. I really enjoy all aspects of it.

I enjoy-

  • Being in nature and finding logs.
  • Using a chainsaw to cut the logs into suitable sizes. Where I cut the logs there is a robin that flutters about and swoops in to catch insects that I disturb.
  • Preparing the wood further with a bandsaw and other tools.
  • Once the wood is mounted in the lathe, I love the way the chisels cut the wood. It can be quite a thrill when the long continuous shavings peel off the wood.
  • The final stage of sanding and applying a wood finish. There is a great deal of satisfaction once the piece is finished.

I generally use natural logs rather than processed wood. these logs have imperfections such as splits, knots, branches, spalting and more. These imperfections create challenges and can dictate the shape of the project. It is very much working with the wood rather than following a defined plan. Why do I use this wood? These imperfections create interest and beauty in the finished product.

Wood turning requires many practical skills. There are many tools to learn and master. These tools can be dangerous and to safely use them requires concentration and focus.

At the same time wood turning is very creative. There is the connection to the wood, the feel of how the wood turning chisel cuts and creating something of beauty out of old logs. It is very relaxing and when I create my best work, I am very much in a flow state.

The combination of the practical skills and creativity creates a sense of balance. A balance of both hemispheres of the brain, essentially balancing one’s male and female aspects.

I believe wood turning to be a truly well-rounded hobby!

Whilst browsing a wood working website I saw this quote-

“A labourer works with their hands. A craftsman uses their brain and hands. An artist uses their heart, brain and hands.”

Whatever you do, do it from the heart and you will master the art of living.

Make your life a masterpiece.

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

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