Accept- Resistance is Futile

How often do you lose something? No matter how hard you search you can not find it. You can search everywhere but to no avail. Yet when you give up and carry on an hour or two later it miraculously turns up.

What about if you have a conversation with someone and you try to recall a fact or a detail but you just can’t remember. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t recall what you want. The conversation carries on regardless. Often just as you are falling asleep, like magic, you remember it. Unfortunately, it’s too late to call and you forget again!!!

For me, often when I write a blog, I can’t just get it right or have the perfect ending. No matter how hard I try nothing seems to work. I have to leave it and trust that when the time is right I’ll get the solution. Often this is always out of the blue.

Why is this?

We accept the scenario. We accept the item is lost. We accept that we can’t remember the fact. I have to accept I can’t write the perfect ending.

Would this work on bigger problems? Why not?

Our lives can be stressful and we can easily be burdened with worries. How often can we stay awake at night worrying about something? No matter how much we think about it we can’t think of a solution. Not being able to find a solution causes worry. The more we worry, the less likely we can see any desirable outcome. This cycle spirals out of control.

In my previous blog ‘Acceptance or Change?‘ I first explored acceptance. Recently I have come to the conclusion that I’m not very accepting and have a resistance to accepting.

Why accept what should be changed?

Why accept what makes us feel bad?

Accepting is no longer being in resistance to a situation. Resistance is futile! By accepting and acknowledging that something needs to change, it frees us. Very much in the same way as the proverb- when one door closes another opens. In our mind by accepting that a situation needs to change, we are shutting the door but there is more.

By accepting the situation, we stop resisting it. When we stop resisting the situation, we can relax. When we relax we start to be in the flow. Once in the flow we are open to inspiration wherever it may come from.

The solution awaits. All solutions await!

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

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