Take a look at yourself and then make a change

In a recent meditation, as I was getting into the zone my attention was brought to my relationship to attachment and thus non attachment. All the areas off attachment within myself became clear.

Many years ago, my mother told me about non attachment. It seemed to make sense in regards to possessions but I couldn’t understand how this would work with other aspects such as relationships. By their nature you are emotionally involved, so how can you not be attached?

In my meditation I had some insight but what I really wish to talk about today is our attachment to our personal history, ideals, beliefs and how these define us.

As I mentioned in 18% Grey we, as a population, seem to be very divided. In America there have been months of protests and in some cases these protests have descended into violence. There has been an election and a new president will be inaugurated tomorrow. The previous president, Donald Trump, had been very divisive. People either love or despise him! Those that despise him harbour so much hatred and anger.

It seems people are becoming increasingly intolerant to other people’s views and especially opposing opinions. A scary consequence of this is Cancel Culture, censorship and de-platforming of people whom express an “unpopular” view. Free speech is under threat!

Why does simply expressing an opposing political view, cause some people so much upset? How could it cause such an emotional reaction?

I am sure there are many explanations, both social and political but this will be a simple spiritual answer.

I have never had much time for politics but my interest has arisen through my interest in people. Politics and political ideologies are a cumulative outcome of people’s views, opinions, life experience, social and economic situations. Even race and sexuality can have an impact. These factors dictate people’s political stance yet at the same time people have let their political ideals and beliefs define who they are as person!

Any opposing information threatens their sense of identity. It is an attack of how they view themselves in society. It is a direct attack on their ego!

If you are susceptible to the occasional argument or anger with those whose view oppose yours, what should you do?

We need to open the paths of communication. Not necessarily with those whose views challenge your own perspective but within ourselves.

Why does this create such a reaction within us? What do we need to learn from this? Can we release the attachment?

Questioning who you think you are takes strength. Unpeeling the layers of the ego requires strength and bravery!

As Michael Jackson said in his song, Man in The Mirror-

“If you wanna make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself and then make a change”

Mark- The Alchemists Journey

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