Let the Right One In

In vampire folklore, vampires cannot enter your house unless invited in or permission is given. Once in, they would suck the victim’s blood, draining them of their life force and energy.

This is true with so many other aspects of negativity. Why I write about this is so that we become aware of the negativity we let in and allow to drain our energy.

  • We let in negativity by watching the news and reading newspapers
  • We let in negativity by the TV we chose to watch and the music we chose to listen to
  • We let in negativity by our internet habits such as social media, gaming and pornography
  • We let in negativity by participating in gossip and the people we chose to associate with

With our current technology this negativity is a quick click of a button away 24 hours a day. We can be inundated with negativity from around the world. We see pictures and videos instantly as events occur. This would not have happened a hundred years ago. This is a modern phenomenon or you could even call it a modern addiction.

The world is a beautiful place but there are flaws that we have created. If you were to spend your time focusing on these flaws the world can seem a horrible place. From this perspective, these problems can over whelm us and make us feel powerless to control or change these scenarios. They are bigger than us; they are someone else’s fault; it’s someone else’s problems; it’s impossible to change.

All this could inspire you to rise up in action. Join a protest group, a movement or a political group, but are you doing yourself any good?

How much of a better place would the world be if you were to be in an expanded and high vibrational state? You would be a brilliant beacon of light in an often dark and difficult world.

So what should you do if you feel strongly about a situation and feel inspired to help? How about meditate or pray and when you are in your most expanded state, send love to the situation and all those involved? Allow yourself to release any negative emotions and forgive! You could do this by yourself or united in group.

Imagine the potential for change if people all over the world united in an expanded and high vibrational state to send love to where it is needed the most.

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

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