No One Likes to Be Wrong

We all have a unique point of view and these points of view differ greatly from person to person. If our perspective differs greatly to someone else’s it can be extremely divisive.

Humanities history is plagued with conflict. All this conflict is caused by different ideologies.

Two of the main ideologies that cause so much disharmony are religion and politics. Hence the saying that we should never discuss politics or religion at the dinner table.

When we have an ideology that we have brought into, whether consciously or subconsciously, we like to support this belief. We support this belief by surrounding ourselves with those who agree and consume information that validates our perspective.

Who has ever ended up going down an unexpected path simply by clicking on a YouTube video? You click on another video on the same topic and very soon all your recommended videos are on this topic!

I have a friend who said they would regularly attend the Natural History Museum so that they would strengthen their belief in Darwinism.

Our beliefs, ideologies and perceptions become embedded into who we believe we are. To change these beliefs can be very difficult.

Recently for an interview, I refamiliarized myself with a Muhammad Ali quote:

“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”

Originally, I had heard this quote many years ago and the message had stayed with me. For me a very simple interpretation is it’s okay to be wrong. It’s part of learning.

One of my great hindrances I face is the fear of being wrong. I have ended up being a perfectionist. While this can be beneficial at work it has impacts in other aspects of my life.

It impacts my writing, particularly on the some more of the ‘out there’ topics I wish to write about.

Now, rather than fearing being wrong, I see it as an opportunity to document my growth and the evolution of my spirituality.

It is all part of the journey to my authentic self.

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

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