One Click Away

In the 20th century there were two sexual revolutions brought about by technological advances.

The first was the creation of the combined oral contraceptive pill. This enabled people to have sex without fear of pregnancy. Never before had sexual activity been so divorced from reproduction.

The second revolution was the invention of the Videocassette recorder or VCR for short. While this invention has nothing to do with sex, it enabled pornographic films to leave specialist cinemas and enter people’s living rooms. It has never left since. Pornography has progressed from video tapes to DVD’s and now can be streamed to any internet connected device. It lurks hidden but only just under the surface.

People have always been fascinated with sex and pornography has always followed our technological advances.

  • When people started painting on cave walls, pornographic images soon followed.
  • When people started carving, pornographic carvings soon appeared.
  • When cameras were invented, pornographic photos were soon taken.

Pornography enables the viewer to watch their fantasy happen but once that fantasy has been satisfied another will soon arise. Like any addiction the desires start to escalate and the original stimulus no longer provides satisfaction.

Online porn is big business. Every fantasy, desire, fetish and perversion is catered for and it is only a few clicks away. Porn is almost normal! Younger generations have grown up with pornography easily accessible and it has changed their view on relationships and sex.  Sex is even further from an expression of love, intimacy, connection and creation. It is purely an act!

More and more people are starting to release the damage that can occur. The NoFap movement started, helping people “get a grip on a new life” and live a life free of pornography and/or masturbation.

Many NoFaper’s have claims of transforming their lives after giving up pornography and/or masturbation. These changes include:

  • Crystal Clear Thinking
  • Increased Confidence
  • Increased Motivation
  • Balanced Emotions
  • Fulfilling Relationships

Why I write this article about pornography is the normalisation that is occurring and the desensitisation that has happened. As pornography starts to becomes accepted, when do we all draw the line? When do we, as a society realise that our sexuality needs to be healed? Only when we realise there is an issue can the healing start and the journey to natural sexuality begin.

If we loosely consider pornography as art then Oscar Wilde’s quote “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life” sums up the relationship to pornography perfectly and the issues it can cause.

So, what is natural sexuality you may ask? Only once you start the journey of purifying your sexuality will you know.

By escaping the confines of our minds and being fully present in the moment we learn to make love.

If you recognised the godliness that exists within yourselves and everyone else, love making would be transformed.

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

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