Addictions or Reminders?

What if I said, as a society we are all addicted.

There are commonly known addictions such as alcoholism, drug addiction and smoking which society deems as bad but there are many socially acceptable addictions. These include junk food, sugar, TV, social media, video games and even stress. They can all be considered a normal part of our lives.

With all addictions there is an element of escalation. Whether it is a physical or psychological addiction we need more of what we crave to get the same high.

So why do we crave these highs? What if all addictions are distractions?

When I have been at my most spiritually aware, any addictions I suffered were easily overcome. An example being, my cravings for sugar, these were non-existent. Why could this be?

Could all addictions come from our ego?

At the meditation classes I regularly attend, people often complain that when they get stressed they forget what they are taught in class. Rather than practise techniques that can assist, the drama continues.

What can remind us to remember to practise what we have learnt? Our addictions! Could our addictions be a reminder!

Imagine (but hopefully not too easily) you are having a bad day at work. Nothing is going right, people are chasing you and you hit an afternoon slump. Normally you reach for a chocolate bar or maybe pop out for a cigarette. Why not next time the craving arises, take this as a reminder to meditate, centre yourself or do whatever else you practise.

Rather than have negative thoughts about our craving, think of them as our most important reminder on our spiritual journey.

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

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