What is a free- spirited person? A quick google search comes up with:

  • Independent and not constrained by convention.

Because someone is independent and not constrained by convention are they truly free-spirited? Does this mean that their spirit is free? Is their spirit restricted by their ego? Are they living from the heart?

As people when we face a problem we try to resolve these problems as people. We try to think our way through and in some cases we can be successful. Sometimes no matter how much we think there is never a suitable solution. Our brain/ego only has a limited perspective. How do we overcome this limited perspective and resolve the problem?

Free your spirit! Let your spirit guide you, let your spirit take the reins. The reign of the ego is over! Your spirit will know far more than we can ever comprehend. Your spirit has an unlimited perspective.

Expand your field, raise your vibration and let your spirit free.

In the future if people were to look up free-spirited it should mean:

  • Living from the heart and not constrained by the ego.

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey


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