The Road Less Travelled

I love to travel. Seeing new and beautiful places; the smell and noise of faraway cities; dining on strange and exotic cuisines; the adventure and feeling of excitement as a new journey is undertaken.

Sometimes it is not about the destination but getting there. There are far more romantic and adventurous ways to travel than by a jumbo jet.

Travel by alternative forms has always been of great fascination to me.

I have sailed on a yacht down the French coast and ridden a motorcycle through France, crossing the Pyrenees Mountains and into Spain. There are far more adventurous journeys I would like to do such as; cross the Australian outback in a four wheel drive; Travel on the trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing; Canoe down a Great River; walk the Inca trail and many more.

Recently Tania and I drove from Adelaide to Melbourne via the great ocean road. While there we no big challenges and we had planned ahead, when we reached our destination for that day there was a sense of achievement.

London Bridge
London Bridge, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

On any journey or adventure there can be many hindrances, obstacles, challenges and difficulties. When these are overcome, conquered or prevented there is a feeling of satisfaction and a reason for celebration.

It is often said that life is a journey and this would definitely apply to our spiritual growth. Throughout our lives we face many obstacles, challenges and difficulties. These allow us opportunities for growth, learning and mastery. With all these opportunities for growth there are many achievements. With all the achievements where is the celebration?

Without reflecting on and celebrating our achievements how do we know how far we have come?

Through personally celebrating our achievements, we can develop our confidence, inner strength and a deep sense of gratitude.

As we all have the opportunity and potential for growth through our whole life, life should be celebrated. All life celebrated and appreciated.

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey

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