Sometime it seems that when people face a problem the simplest solution is often overlooked.

In general we seem to be programmed to believe that the solution involves spending money.

A great example of this is the weight loss industry. There are many products to assist people to lose weight. Wouldn’t the simple solution be to eat less and what is eaten be healthy and nutritious.

Our lives and the world we live in is very complicated and only getting more complex.

When I was studying electronic engineering we were taught when designing something to follow KISS-

Keep It Simple Stupid

I believe this to be especially true in our spiritual practices.

In 2013 I attended Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Awakening the Illuminated Heart in Sedona, Arizona. One of the students was explaining to everyone the extra steps he had added to one of the meditations. The process was already long and he complicated it for himself even more.

If it is human nature to complicate something shouldn’t our spiritual practise be to simplify?

What part of ourselves desires to complicate? Our brains! To put it simply, we over think scenarios.

What spiritual practises will simplify our lives? Living from the heart.

When we live from the heart everything that is complicated and superfluous will fall away. What if many people did this? The world would be simpler

With my writing I aim to follow a different KISS-

Keep It Short & Sweet

I endeavour to keep my work thought provoking, simple, from the heart and sometimes short and sweet.

Mark- The Alchemist’s Journey


Oak Creek, Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona


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